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GetCloser Jazz Fest 2020 | Snétberger Ferenc
Ferenc Snétberger, Richard Bona, Paolo Vinaccia,"kis kece lányom", soundcheck,rehearsal
Variation of Hungarian Traditional "Kis kece lányom", Ferenc Snétberger , g., Richard Bona, b., v.
Jazz Festival Italy, 2016
Ferenc Snétberger & Concerto Budapest "In Memory of my People"
What is a good sound? Ferenc Snétberger introduces GIG50R
Akusztik Legendák: Snétberger Ferenc (M2 Petőfi TV-2022.04.11.)
Budapest Part III (Tango) by F. Snétberger, Ferenc Snétberger, guitar solo,
Ferenc Snétberger, solo guitar, ENCORE: Impro Over The Rainbow, rec. 2011, Budapest, Palace of Arts
Ferenc Snétberger , Tony Lakatos & Paolo VInaccia : "Troublant Bolero" Django Reinhardt