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Silver Jews: David Berman gestorben

Letzte Woche starb David Berman im Alter von nur 52 Jahren. Man kannte ihn von seinen Bands Silver Jews und Purple Mountains, von denen ich leider nie bewusst gehört habe. Die durch seinen Tod hervorgerufenen Beileidsbekundungen und Nachrufe machten mir aber schnell klar, dass ich da einiges verpasst zu haben schien. Zu den Silver Jews zählte Ende der 80er Jahre noch Bob Nastanovich und Stephen Malkmus, die dann aber mit Pavement bald eigene Wege gingen.

Bis 2008 erschienen sechs Studioalben. Berman veröffentlichte auch Gedichte und wurde vor allem in US-Indie-Zirkeln zur Kultfigur. Neben Weggefährten wie Malkmus trauern auch Kollegen wie Kurt Vile, Deerhunter und Aaron Dessner (The National). Wie nun heraus kam, nahm sich Berman das Leben.

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So crushed. I grew up on David Berman and the Silver Jews catalogue in mostly real time... in such a way that his music and lyrics and vocals have touched me to this day and are still growing in significance (and of course a higher high of nostalgia on the side with each revisitation... and there has been so much revisiting these last few years I must say). I was so excited for these upcoming shows and how amazing the new Purple Mountains record is. I was so stoked and so proud of Jarvis and Jeremy and the @woodsist gang for knocking this album outta the park. David's music always hit on a basic human gut level just in the power of his lyrics and voice alone... in a way no other modern artist of my generation has been able to... We were friends but I was looking forward to hopefully becoming closer and was so excited to see him around with purple mountains and hopefully play on “trains across the sea” in philly. Speaking of that tune (and others)... I’ve been singing a few silver jews songs to my daughters at night before they go to bed... since they were little... (it was a no brainer in the dna of my upbringing...) they were always affected by Cassie’s beautiful voice in “Tennessee” and would wanna sing that part... to the extent the first song my oldest daughter Awilda sang from memory (and later we recorded a version of) was "trains across the sea" and she performed "new orleans" at her co-op talent show. When my family came thru Nashville David and Cassie took us in graciously and David bought the girls a Mr Games style trinket I guess you might call a diorama music box (?) either way it will be cherished always. Love forever to Cassie and David from Kurt, Suzanne, Awilda and Delphine. “Snow is falling in Manhattan...” “I loved being my mother’s son...” “when god was young... he made the wind and the sun. And since then it’s been a slow education. And you got that one idea again.........” “oh... oh oh... I’m lightening. Oh... oh oh... I’m rain. Oh... oh oh... it’s frightening... I’m not the same. I’m not the same. I’m not the same.” God bless @dragcityrecords for releasing so much (and all) of his material. R.I.P. David Berman. You will be missed.

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  • Vor 9 Tagen

    Mich wundert stark, dass auf von ihm so gar nichts zu finden ist.
    Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea von den Silver Jews oder das eben erst erschiehene Purple Mountains Album sind Meisterwerke. Sehr schade, dass er nun verstorben ist...