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Iggy Pop ehrt Nine Inch Nails

Die Einführungsrede für Trent Reznor besorgte Iggy Pop, leider (noch) nicht online verfügbar. Wenigstens aber in schriftlicher Form. Aus dem schönen Text lässt sich außerdem feststellen, dass Iggy wohl einer der sehr wenigen Oberchecker auf unserem Planeten sein dürfte, der sowohl Bob Dylan im Jahr 1965, als auch T.Rex, Nirvana und eben Reznor auf der gemeinsamen 1995er Tour mit Bowie live gesehen haben. Was er netterweise nicht erwähnt: Auch die Doors erwischte Iggy 1967 in Detroit/Michigan. Iggys Rede im Original:

"When I first heard about Nine Inch Nails and heard a little of their music I thought, ’Well who is this guy?’ So I took a look, and I saw a face straight out of 15th century Spain. I think Trent could’ve played Zorro. If he’d been alive at the right time, I think he could’ve been painted by Velasquez or El Greco, and his portrait would probably be hanging in the Prado today.

Listening to Nine Inch Nails’ music, which is so often called industrial, I actually hear a lot of funk. Just listen to Closer, and the foundation could be Stevie Wonder or George Clinton. But on top of that is a focused and relentless process of emotional destruction, which paints a portrait of pain, pressure, and dissatisfaction. It’s the soundtrack to the dark and lonely party that was beginning to play out in America at that period, so I would call it not industrial, but the sound of industro, digital ambition.

I went to the Nine Inch Nails show at the Forum in Los Angeles—the one together with David Bowie—and Trent held the centre of that room just by being a kind of dark spot hunched behind the mic. I’d seen the same thing accomplished in different ways by T. Rex at Wembley, Nirvana at the Pyramid Club, and Bob Dylan in ’65. This is the mark of the master artist—simply to connect.

The controversial and brilliant French novelist Michel Houellebecq when asked the secret to his success said, “It’s easy, just tell the truth.” Listening to Nine Inch Nails feels like hearing the truth, so it gets you a little bit closer to God. It is my honor to assist in inducting Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Außerdem fanden sich alle sieben in die Hall Of Fame aufgenommenen Nine Inch Nails-Mitglieder zu einem Online-Q&A zusammen:

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