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Ray Burton ist tot

Metallica trauern um Ray Burton. Der Vater ihres 1986 tragisch verunglückten ehemaligen Bassisten Cliff Burton starb am 15. Januar im Alter von 94 Jahren. Nach dem Tod seines Sohnes pflegte Burton weiterhin regelmäßig Kontakt zur Band, besuchte Konzerte und nahm zum Beispiel auch an der Einführung Metallicas in die Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2009 teil. Mithilfe seines Anteils an Metallicas Royalties finanzierte Burton u.a. ein Stipendium, um junge Musiker zu fördern.

Alle Bandmitglieder verabschiedeten sich mit persönlichen Statements von Burton – James Hetfield schrieb gar ein Gedicht:


Mr. Ray Burton is a hero of mine
In earthly form, his end of the line
He weathered many a difficult storm
A strong compass
true and gracefully worn
To his last breath, I've not met a more positive man
And to his son there was not a more loyal fan
So he leaves the material world to be with his sons and wife
I feel so very blessed to have had him grace my life
In earthly form, his end of the line
Mr. Ray Burton is a hero of mine

May peace be yours.

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It is with incredible sorrow that we said farewell to Cliff’s dad Ray Burton last week. For 38 years, we were lucky enough to have the energy, wisdom and light of Ray in our lives. His eternal youth with his drive, positivity and relentless smile were both incredibly powerful and stirringly honest. From coast to coast and overseas too, Ray’s beaming face would regularly greet us, offering warmth and anchor to our travels, and when it came to the entire Metallica family, band, crew and fans, he viewed us all as his own. That he has passed away leaves an indefinable feeling of sadness and loss, but equally, we know Ray wouldn’t want us “moping around on our darn keisters” for too long. So, in honor of him, and the kind of man he was, we also want to truly celebrate the 94 years of life Ray gave everyone, knowing in certainty that a glint of his light, wisdom and energy will always be with us all wherever we go. We love you Ray, Rest In Peace Photos by @rosshalfin & @joeydabox Video by @brettmurrayphotography

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